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1792 Ridgemont Reserve

May 22, 2013

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If you’re lucky enough to have attended the annual Kentucky Bourbon Festival in Bardstown, you know that the Black Tie Gala caps the festivities on the final evening. Before sitting down for dinner, guests are treated to a lavish, two-hour reception where every major distiller in the state is pouring his product. The affair resembles a Bourbon Hall of Fame, and gives participants the chance to sample many exotic and rare items. When you sit down for dinner, however, there’s only one Bourbon on the table: 1792 Ridgemont Reserve.

1792 Ridgemont Reserve is made in Bardstown by Barton Brands, which is owned by the Sazerac Company. Bardstown refers to itself as the “Bourbon capital of the world,” although the title now is more symbolic than factual. Prior to Prohibition, there were over 70 distilleries in town. Today there are two---Barton and Heaven Hill, and the Heaven Hill complex is really a corporate headquarters and educational center (the whiskey is distilled in Louisville, then transferred to Bardstown for aging). Still, the town is filled with nostalgia, with attractions such as the Oscar Getz Museum of Whiskey and the house where Stephen Foster supposedly wrote “My Old Kentucky Home.” 1792, of course, refers to the year when Kentucky joined the Union. (more…)