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Colorado Craft Distillers, Part II

November 7, 2012

Tags: 303 Vodka, Roundhouse Spirits, Peach Street Distillers, Peak Spirits

Here’s the conclusion of my notes and musings on Colorado’s craft distillers, based on a recent visit to the state. This report focuses on a few mavericks, along with some emerging superstars:

303 Vodka: The story is too irresistible to ignore: In 1907, Pete Viezbicke Sr. emigrated to the U.S., carrying all his possessions in a steamer trunk. Grandpa Pete, as he was known to his descendants, settled in Michigan and raised a family. After his death in the 1970s, the steamer trunk passed from his daughter to his grandson, Steve “Viz” Viezbecke, an audio engineer and student of physics living in Colorado. (more…)