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Flavored Rye

July 18, 2012

Tags: rye whiskey, flavored rye, Tap 357, Spicebox

As we know, everything old eventually becomes new again---this is why you still shouldn’t throw out those bell-bottoms and leisure suits.

Rye whisky is one of the hottest spirits on the market at the moment, despite the fact that it goes back hundreds of years. Rye became the center of controversy during the Whiskey Rebellion, when a tax was levied against farmers and distillers to help pay off America’s Revolutionary War debt. The citizens rebelled, and President George Washington dispatched a militia to put down the uprising. The President, ironically, was distilling his own rye at Mount Vernon (the restored distillery is operating again today, courtesy of the Distilled Spirits Council, and produces a limited quantity of whiskey). (more…)