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American Harvest Organic Spirit

February 6, 2013

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“Organic” is one of the buzz words of the moment, and consumers are making an effort to seek out products that are naturally and sustainably grown. It wasn’t always so, particularly in the beverage world. A decade or two ago, labeling a wine as organic was the kiss of death. Most organic wine back then was unstable, easily spoiled, and smelled like sauerkraut on a good day.

The situation with spirits was more complex. Although the Sazerac Company had been making Rain Vodka from organically grown white corn as early as 1997, the concept was slow to catch on---probably because many drinkers had difficulty accepting the theory that booze could be good for them, at least with a straight face. In fact, the advantages of organic spirits go way beyond any perceived health benefits or taste distinctions. They tend to be made in small batches, allowing the distiller to have tighter control over quality, and they are usually marketed in a fashion that doesn’t insult the intelligence (a practice worth celebrating in itself). (more…)