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Big House Bourbon

June 26, 2013

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At the mention of Bourbon, our thoughts turn to Kentucky. Bourbon whiskey was declared to be a “distinctive product of the United States” in a joint Congressional resolution issued on May 4, 1964, and the lawmakers went on to identify it as “unlike any other type of alcoholic beverage, whether foreign or domestic.” It is widely regarded as the native American spirit, and is intimately connected to the history of the Bluegrass State.

Bourbon is made in many other places, of course: New York and Colorado, Indiana and Illinois, Virginia and Missouri. A Bourbon produced in Livermore, California---in the middle of wine country---would catch the attention of most people. We’d have many questions about it: who makes it, why did they decide to make Bourbon in California, who inspired them, how does it differ from the Kentucky version. (more…)