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Classic American Bar's: Charly's Pub, Flagstaff, AZ

December 12, 2012

Tags: charly's pub, weatherford hotel

Flagstaff today is a charming place, filled with interesting restaurants, New Age shops, and a vibrant university community. The downtown area branches off from the road formerly known as Route 66, with the old railroad depot preserved for posterity.

It wasn’t always so quaint. “Thirty years ago, Flagstaff had the reputation of being a rip-off town,” says Pamela Green, owner of the Weatherford Hotel. “It was that old Route 66 mentality---the tourists are just passing through on their way to the Grand Canyon, so get them for everything you can.” Things got worse. After I-40 was completed in 1984, traffic along the Route 66 corridor dried up abruptly. The tourists disappeared, businesses closed and the population declined. (more…)