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Vodka and Food

June 12, 2013

Tags: elit by stolichnaya

We live in the age of the sommelier, and food and wine pairing is commonly accepted as an art---there’s hardly an upscale restaurant in the U.S. that doesn’t offer a tasting menu with optional wine matchups for each course. Globally speaking, though, far more vodka than wine is consumed with food if you doubt this, think about Russia). Unlike bourbon or tequila, where assertive flavors in the spirit present challenges and limitations in food pairing, the very neutrality of vodka expands the range of possibilities significantly. Much depends on the quality of the other components in the cocktail, and the flavors of those ingredients can complement virtually any dish.

An interesting example of the art of pairing vodka with food occurred recently at New York Prime in South Florida, sponsored by Stolichnaya. Although the restaurant is a steak house, the menu was composed primarily of seafood, which allowed the mixologists to dwell on the lighter and more lyrical end of the scale. Best of all, the cocktails were composed of Stolichnaya’s Elit ($60), the ultra-premium vodka at the pinnacle of their production.

Stoli Elit is made in Tambov, Russia using grain produced on their own farms, which gives the company control of the raw materials from planting to bottling. Every premium spirit today seems to have a production method that makes it unique, and Elit’s is freeze filtration: The distillate is chilled down to zero, which allows the impurities to coagulate and settle to the bottom of the tank. According to Stoli, this is a technique that was used in Russia as far back as the 18th century, when vodka barrels were moved outside during the winter to achieve the same effect. Far-fetched? Perhaps, but the end result is uncommonly smooth. (more…)