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Flavored Vodka: Stop the Insanity

February 8, 2012

Tags: Flavored vodka, infused vodka

A friend who works as a spirits broker informs me that the liquor companies release two or three new flavors of vodka every week. In a normal economy, he says the output would be double.
The full impact of this factoid hit me last summer, when I received a flurry of press releases about new flavors of infused vodka. From Pinnacle, owned by White Rock Distillers, there was cotton candy and whipped cream. One step further out, from Three Olives, was “the world’s first root beer flavored vodka.” This release included recipes to help us celebrate National Root Beer Float Day, which occurs on August 6. Stuff like this makes you think that the Baptists and Mormons were right all along. (more…)