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Bizarre Beverages

July 3, 2013

Tags: bizarre beverages, marijuana wine, pruno

What would Andrew Zimmern drink if he were drinking rather than eating?
I recently devoted a full segment of Quench!, my wine and spirits podcast, to this burning question (for those of you unfamiliar with Quench!, links appear at the end of this post). As in other areas, of course, the discussion of what’s bizarre and what’s “normal” varies enormously from one culture to another, but some interesting patterns emerged.

For starters, there’s an entire category of reptile-infused wine and spirits: snake wine, mouse-infused wine, tiger bone wine, three-lizard liquor, etc. These are mostly concocted in Asia, where they are highly prized for promoting both longevity and male potency. One of these, Scorpion Vodka, is actually in commercial production---feel free to buy it on the Internet. (more…)