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A New Expression from Whistle Pig

December 5, 2012

Tags: whistle pig, triple one, dave pickerell, raj peter bhakta

Excellence, like orgasms, cannot be successfully faked for a long period of time; despite any amount of noise and pretense, the truth always comes out. You can put on a convincing act, or hire a PR person to promote you (speaking now of excellence, of course), but in the end there are only so many high points in life each time around. The best, as the man said, are as rare as a day in June.

All of which brings us to Whistle Pig. If you read this blog regularly, you already know that I consider it to be the gold standard in rye whiskey. Do I also have a weakness for quirky perfectionists, for charismatic lunatics? Of course---it takes one to know one. Raj Peter Bhakta, the creator of Whistle Pig, is a driven man. Given the fact that his goal is to create the best rye whiskey on the planet, though, we can all cut him some slack. (more…)