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Solerno Blood Orange Liqueur

March 20, 2013

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Oranges today are commonplace, but they were once among the rarest and most highly prized of culinary treats. During his march across Europe, the Emperor Napoléan learned that a chemist in Belgium was making a liqueur from mandarins, which at the time were an exotic ingredient not available outside Sicily or Northern Africa. He requested that the liqueur be blended with is personal Cognac. Unfortunately, he didn’t have much time to enjoy it, since the first shipment was delivered while he was on his way to Waterloo. Today, that liqueur is known as Mandarine Napoléan.

Blood oranges, a natural mutation of the sweet orange, have always occupied a special place in the world of citrus. While they may have first appeared on the scene in Asia, they migrated to the Mediterranean shortly afterward, and today are the primary variety of orange grown in Italy. Connoisseurs and botanists alike will tell you that Sicily has the best climate for growing citrus, and that the island is the source for the finest blood oranges. (more…)